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Modern gym abs plastic locker easy to assemble locker


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Modern gym abs plastic locker easy to assemble locker

Cabinet size: height 630*width 380*depth 500mm (without the base)

The door color: can be customized or stock color

Structure: Knock down structure

Material: Made of ABS/modified HIPS and new engineering plastics

Feather: high strength, good toughness, impact resistance, not easy to corrode, non-toxic and odorless, environmentally friendly and durable.


    The connection between the cabinet door and the cabinet body adopts the upper and lower coaxial structure connection, and the top of the door panel has been set up with an automatic spring door shaft.

    The door panel hinge adopts a single half-ring snap hinge, and the factory hinge has been installed on the door panel, and the installation only needs to turn the hinge towards the cabinet side and the cabinet hinge card slot to buckle to complete the installation.

    The door panel adopts an integrated molding process, and the door panel is integrated when leaving the factory.

    Rear panel breathable window design, total ventilation area up to 250㎡

    ABS plastic lockers are commonly used in a variety of applications such as:

    Schools and Educational Institutions: ABS plastic lockers are ideal for students due to their durability and low maintenance requirements. 

    Gyms and Sports Facilities: These lockers are moisture-resistant and suitable for use in areas where there may be contact with sweat or wet clothing. 

    Workplace and Office: ABS plastic storage cabinets provide secure storage solutions for personal belongings and equipment in offices and work environments. 

    Pools and Aquatic Centers: The moisture-resistant properties of ABS plastic make it a suitable material for lockers in humid environments. 

    Amusement Parks and Entertainment Facilities: ABS plastic lockers are commonly used to provide secure storage for visitors’ belongings at such establishments. 

    Hotels and Hospitality Industry: They are used in guest rooms, spas and other facilities to provide secure storage for guests’ personal belongings.

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