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Vibrant plastic office storage cabinets with Macaroon color designs


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Vibrant plastic office storage cabinets with Macaroon color designs

Cabinet size: height 630*width 380*depth 500mm (one door)

Base height 80mm (±2mm)

Door panel Color: stock color or customized

Printing: customized

Brand: Easy Locker

Material: environmentally friendly ABS + high-performance HIPS new engineering plastic injection molding

Feature: impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant and does not rust. stable, strong and durable, well-made Fine, no burrs or other defects.


    Here are the main features of cabinet doors and their installation process: Anti-scratch and durable: 

    The cabinet door adopts a pure flat design, the surface hardness is ≥3H, and it is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant.

    Coaxial structure: The connection between the cabinet door and the cabinet body adopts an upper and lower coaxial structure. 

    There is a retractable elastic door shaft (Ø8*26mm) on the upper right corner of the door panel, which can be easily installed by gently pressing and guiding it to the door shaft hole on the top panel. 

    Integrated hinge: The door panel hinge is an injection molded integrated hinge (27.52720mm). It is a single piece and is easily installed by simply pressing it into position on the side panel. Positioning blocks: 

    There are positioning blocks (4035.416.6mm) on both sides of the front end of the side panel to enhance the stability of the cabinet. Ventilation windows: 

    To prevent small mosquitoes or rainwater from entering the cabinet, ventilation windows are provided on both sides of the top of the rear panel. Designed with louvered structures and 90° angle projected vents, these windows provide better air permeability and increased ventilation. These features guarantee door durability, ease of installation, stability and ventilation.

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