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Modernize your changing room with plastic changing room lockers


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Modernize your changing room with plastic changing room lockers

Cabinet size: height 786*width 380*depth 500mm (one door)

Base height 80mm (±2mm)

Moq: 1 pc

Door panel Color: stock color or customized

Printing: customized is accepted

Brand: Easy Locker

Material: ABS+HIPS engineering plastic+TPE

Process: All plates are injection molded in one go using steel molds.

Feather: high strength, good toughness, impact resistance, not easy to corrode, non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly and durable.


    The surface hardness of the cabinet door is equal to or greater than 3H, and it has strong resistance to scratches and wear. This means you can say goodbye to unsightly marks and damage and hello to beautifully maintained cabinet doors for years to come. Our products have undergone rigorous friction resistance testing and comply with the GB/T 6739-2006 "Pencil Hardness" standard, and perform well in all aspects of durability.

    In addition to superior surface quality, our cabinet door panels feature a unique upper and lower coaxial structure that seamlessly connects to the cabinet body. This innovative design ensures a secure and stable fit, preventing any unwanted wobble or movement. The retractable elastic door shaft is located in the upper right corner of the door panel, further enhancing functionality and ease of installation.

    The telescopic elastic door shaft specification is Ø8*26mm, and the installation process is efficient and user-friendly. This feature simplifies cabinet door assembly and adjustment, saving you time and energy during installation. Say goodbye to frustrating and complicated installation and hello to the hassle-free experience of our new cabinet door panels.

    Whether you're renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or any other space in your home, our friction-resistant cabinet door panels are perfect for adding style and durability. Its sleek, modern design combined with sturdy construction makes it a versatile choice for any interior design scheme.

    All in all, our new cabinet door panels offer a revolutionary solution to common problems such as scratches, scuffs, and installation difficulties. Its pure flat design, superior surface hardness and retractable elastic door spindles make it an excellent choice for homeowners and professionals alike. Say goodbye to damaged cabinet doors and complicated installation processes, and say goodbye to a superior, stress-free experience with our friction-resistant cabinet door panels. We are confident this product will exceed your expectations and provide a long-lasting, reliable solution to your cabinetry needs.

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