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Waterproof Colorful Plastic Smart Storage Locker for Swimming Pool 


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Waterproof Colorful Plastic Smart Storage Locker for Swimming Pool 

Cabinet size: height 315*width 380*depth 500mm (one door)

Door panel thickness 25mm (±2mm), base height 80mm (±2mm)

Door panel Color: stock color or customized

Printing: customized

Brand: Easy Locker

Material: environmentally friendly ABS + high-performance HIPS new engineering plastic injection molding

Process: All plates are injection molded in one go using steel molds.

Service life: The product is impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant and does not rust. stable, strong and durable, well-made Fine, no burrs or other defects.


    In order to deal with scratches or wear of the cabinet door during daily use, the door panel adopts a pure flat design, the surface hardness of the cabinet door is ≥3H, and the surface is friction-resistant. Test reference Standard: GB/T 6739-2006 "Pencil Hardness"; 

    The connection between the cabinet door and the cabinet body adopts an upper and lower coaxial structure. There is a retractable elastic door shaft (specification: Ø8*26mm) in the upper right corner of the door panel. Installation Gently press down the elastic door shaft, and then guide it into the door shaft hole of the top plate, then it can be installed in place in one step; 

    The door panel hinge adopts an integrated hinge (specification: 27.5*27*20mm), and the hinge is injection molded. It is a molded single component. During installation, you only need to press the hinge into the positioning position on the side plate to complete the entire installation of the hinge; 

    There are positioning blocks on the upper and lower sides of the front end of the side plate (specification: 40*35.4* 16.6mm) to increase the stability of the cabinet; 
    In order to prevent small mosquitoes or rainwater from entering the inside of the cabinet, there are ventilation windows on both sides of the top of the back panel. The ventilation windows are designed with a shutter structure and 90︒ angle projected ventilation holes, which is better Breathability and higher breathability;

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