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Freely assembled plastic lockers for various places


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Freely assembled plastic lockers for various places

  • Cabinet size: height 440*width 300*thickness 400mm (single door including base);
  • Size: Door panel thickness 25mm (±2mm), base height 50mm (±2mm)
  • Color: stock color or customized
  • Printing: customized
  • Brand: Easy Locker
  • Material: The door panel is made of ABS+HIPS engineering plastic, the cabinet is made of high-strength HIPS engineering plastic, and the cabinet door and cabinet are connected by a rotating shaft.
  • Process: All plates are injection molded in one go using steel molds.
  • Service life: The product is impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant and does not rust.


Stacked buckle connection structure, DIY assembly, no glue, no metal screws, not easy to deform. The cabinet is composed of four major parts: the main body, the U-shaped body, the door panel and the base. The inner and outer sides of the product are designed with no horizontal ribs, which is simple and elegant and easy to clean. The height of the base is 50mm, which is strong in pressure resistance, stable, strong and durable. The whole cabinet is well-made Fine, no burrs or other defects.Freely assembled plastic lockers——1x34

The surface of the door panel is an overall pure flat design, with a simple and beautiful appearance, and can be customized according to the user's usage scenario; embedded number plates cannot be used on the door panels (the number plates are installed on the door handles). There is a fixed shaft at the bottom of the door panel. During installation, there is a positioning pin in the hole of the lower side column of the cabinet to match the fixed shaft. The installation is convenient, simple and fast;

The handle on the door panel can be installed or not installed according to customer needs, ( It is recommended not to install the electronically controlled lock with a central control system). The overall installation and maintenance are simple and easy to operate.

The opening and closing angle can reach 120°. The entire side and upper and lower corners of the door opening side are protected by closed high-elastic environmentally friendly soft rubber. The upper and lower door panel corners on the opening side are protected by high-thickness vacuum soft rubber to completely prevent students from being bumped during use. To prevent injuries, the side protection surface is equipped with concave and convex spots with a diameter of 6.0 and a height of 1.0. The connection between the cabinet door and the cabinet body adopts the imported structure of rotating shaft and card slot, which is easy to install and facilitate after-sales maintenance.

The top of the main body adopts a hidden brim design, which can hide the upper and lower panels between the upper and lower door panels. The front cannot be observed, achieving a unified effect on the front of the cabinet, which is fashionable and beautiful.

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